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Photoshoots  the perfect juxtaposition of Japanese culture and Australia's environment. 

Kimonoya in Brisbane offers kimono photoshoots services with professional photographers.  There are certain occasions to wear kimonos and take photoshoots in Japan, such as paying a visit to shrine for the first time, 753, coming of age cerebration and wedding.  Please come along with or without your own kimonos, we would like to create beautiful kimono photos for you.  Our photoshoots is done in a very relaxed atmosphere indoor and outdoor.

Baby's arrival photoshoots

Wrapping your precious baby with a beautiful kimono, and keeping a little piece of Japanese tradition in your family album.  Grandparents are welcome.  Omiyamairi-like photo shoots can be done as well as cute baby photoshoots.


Children who are 7, 5 and 3 years-old celebrate their mile stones.  Paying a visit to a shrine in Japan is a bit too far, but taking beautiful 753photos in Brisbane is here for you.


Coming of Age

Coming of age is a very important mile stone in Japan. You can bring your own family hand down kimono, or hire kimono at Kimonoya in Brisbane.  We are here to help you to create beautiful photos, so please consult us even when you have just a kimono with nothing else.  You can hire what you do not have to do the photoshoots.

It is beautiful to bring family kimonos to Brisbane over the ocean from Japan, and take photos under Australia's big blue sky or in a studio on the Gold Coast.  Coming of age photoshoots are now only available at Sumico Photography on the Gold Coast till next winter.


Engagement & Wedding

It might be tricky to keep wearing a kimono on your wedding day on a hot day in Brisbane.  You might find it hard that you dance in a kimono  on your wedding day.  Instead, you can keep kimono photos that reminds of your engagement period. 


Kimono photoshoots in Brisbane

Why not just do photoshoots?

Family photoshoots? Party? School photos?  Special gathering? We are happy to be a part of your special moments.  

Why not just do photoshoots?

Family photoshoots? Party? School photos?  Special gathering?




Thinking of some special gifts for your special person?  Kimonoya Brisbane can issue vouchers that suits your requirements.






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