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Sachiko Hinze

Kimonoya in Brisbane

Introducing the unique beauty of the kimono as a form of art, clothing and fashion is my passion.

After moving to Brisbane a couple of years ago, I had a vision of offering kimono fitting services in Brisbane. Kimonos are often considered difficult to wear. I would like to change the image of kimonos as something people can wear easily in Brisbane. Kimonos are a proud aspect of Japanese culture which I would like to introduce to others. At the same time, sharing my passion for kimonos help me to feel a connection to where I came from.

For me, wearing kimonos and fitting kimonos on others is like putting a jigsaw puzzle together.  It is very satisfying to put the pieces in place. I love to share this feeling with others.    

I founded Kimonoya in Brisbane with the hope that more people can enjoy wearing kimonos and know more about kimonos in the Brisbane area.

I am working with Webbshots Photography so that customers can have their photos taken wearing kimonos (rental and private ones). We have enjoyed helping customers to have their photos taken (including family photos) wearing kimonos in Brisbane's beautiful parklands under the splendid blue skies - the perfect juxtaposition of Japanese culture and Australia's environment. 
Kimono dressing service for special occasions and kimono dressing lessons are available.

I also rent out kimonos and kimono accessories, so please consult me on your kimono-related needs.

Camilla McLaren

Webbshots Photography

"Capturing moments that create a lifetime of memories" is my specialty so whether you want to welcome a new baby, celebrate an engagement or capture the whole family my portrait sessions would be perfect for you. 


I have spent many hours behind the lens cultivating the skills that are required to develop the keen eye of a photographer. I am the principle photographer and director of Webbshots Photography and have developed a passion for photography that started as a young girl helping her father photograph weddings. 


"No two photoshoots or families are the same therefore I strive to shoot in a style that captures your unique personality, as well as providing a fresh and modern look." 


My newest passion is to combine my love for Photography and Travel recently traveling abroad to London, Paris, Venice and Bruges I captured some unforgettable images to adorn my walls and share with others. With another trip on the close horizon I can’t wait to share my next adventure through my social media channels!


Webbshots also offer a range of portrait photography, from studio portraits to location shoots. We aim to capture that moment which portrays the true feeling of the individual, be it children laughing and playing at home or an intimate studio setting.


I look forward to hearing from you!

Kimonoya in Brisbane
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